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April 2020
Gilt Bronze Statue of Hevajra (1)

Gilt Bronze Statue of Hevajra

Tibet, 19th century. Polychrome and hard stone inlays.
High 35 cm., wide 25 cm.
Large gilt bronze statue of Hevajra standing on a buffalo. Very Fine 19th Century Chinese Qing Dynasty Tibetan gilt bronze Buddha deity figure of Shri Hevajra
Large Bronze Figure Wenchang (1)

Large Bronze Figure Wenchang

China, Ming dynasty, 16th-17th century.
33 cm high
Provenance: Fabrizio Savi collection, acquired in the early 2000s.

Finely Carved Guanyin (3)

Carved Ivory Figure ofGuanyin

Qing dynasty, ca. 1860 A.D.
Height 33 cm., Wide 6,5 cm., Deep 6,5 cm., Province of Shanxi, China
Provenance: From old private collection of an entrepreneur assembled in Indochina between 1920 and 1928. Then by descent, Paris, France.
A Wanli Flask (1)

A Blue and White Wanli Flask

Height 27 cm.

Wanli (1572-1623) – China – Ming Dynastie (1368-1644)
Grey textile clad box accompanies the piece.

Old and important private Swedish collection.

A Large Bronze Mirror (2)

A Large Bronze Mirror

Song dynasty (960–1279)
Diameter 19,5 cm.
From the Collection of Sten Röing (1880-1965), the collection was added to by his son Max Röing (1916-1984) during the 1950-60’s, thence by descent.

A Bronze Mirror Xin (1)

A Bronze Mirror Xin

The central knob within a quatrefoil motif and square border, surrounded by 12 nipples encircled by an inscription and hachured border, all below three different dogtooth bands on the outer rim.
Eastern Han dynasty (9-220A.D.).
Diameter 16 cm.
Helmet Mask Kwese (11)

Exceptional Helmet Mask Kwese

Provenance: very old Dutch private collection, Mr. J. A. W. Vierkens, Amsterdam
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Size: 58x40x40 cm.
Including metal stand.

Helmet Mask Kwese (1)
A Hemba Prestige Stool (1)

A Hemba Prestige Stool

Caryatid seat, “kipona”. Hemba, DR Congo
Wood. H 42 cm.
– North Rhine-Westphalia.
– Private collection, Basel Switzerland
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