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A Masterpiece. An Important Gilt Wood Statue of Amida Nyorai

Japan, 18th century-19th century, Edo period (1615-1868)

Note: The delicate details, the original glass eyes of the Buddha and gilt, the kohai (aureole) made in open work with seven (!) small figures of Buddha and the stupa, the original altar with the two pillars on both sides, its condition makes the Amida Nyorai a truly masterpiece.

HEIGHT 90 cm (total) and 80cm (the figure, base and madorla)

Gilt Bronze Yamadharmaraja

A Tibeto-Chinese gilt bronze figure of Yama Dharmaraja

Period: 17th century. Height: 18 cm.
Provenance: Private collection, New York, America
Gilt Bronze Yamadharmaraja
Gilt Bronze Yamadharmaraja
Gilt Wood Guardian Lions

Pair of Japanese Carved Gilt Wood Komainu and Shishi Guardian Lions

Size: 65x43x25 cm.
Edo period (1615-1868), ca. 18th century, Japan
Provenance: From the Collection of the late Keith Stanley, Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies at Duke University, North Carolin
Gilt Wood Guardian Lions
Gilt Wood Guardian Lions
Gilt Wood Guardian Lions
Gilt Bronze Figure Guanyin

A Gilt Bronze Figure of Guanyin

China, Ming dynasty, 17th Century
Height: 32 cm.


A Large Gilt Bronze Figure of GuanYi

China, 16 th century.
Height 32 cm. Weight ca. 5,736 g.

Sotheby’s Amsterdam 2000’s

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