May 2019 Edition
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May 2019

Ancient Chinese Tombs Treasures

Former property from the collection of S.A.R. Joseph Clemens Prince of Bavaria (1902-1990)
Dutch private collection acquired from above in 1980s-1990s.
Extremely Rare Bactrian Camel (6)
Extremely Rare Bactrian Camel

Extremely Rare Large Pottery Crouching Bactrian Camel and Foreign Rider

Early Tang Dynasty (618-907) | Original pigment!!!
Long 59 cm., high 46 cm. 3 pieces

A Large Painted Grey Pottery Figure of a Deer

To the best of our knowledge, a similar piece was not shown / sold in Europa for the last 30 years. The deer is a masterpiece and very rare regarding its style, details and pigment.
China, Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-8 A.D.)
Height: 51 cm. Width: 53 cm.

Painted Grey Pottery Deer
Large Impressive Pottery Ox (1)

Very Large and Impressive Painted Gray Pottery Ox

Excellent condition. An intact.
Northern Qi Dynasty (550 to 577 A.D.)
Long 39 cm, high 30,5 cm


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