Month: June 2018

Exceptional Buff Prancing Horse

S O L D Exceptional Buff Prancing Horse Exceptional Buff Prancing Horse. This is an exceptional prancing horse, unusual in the complementary fashion the position of the horse head and ears. The horse is standing on a rectangular...

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Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus

S O L D Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus. The Buddhist figure wearing a five-peaked crown enclosing a high chignon above the contemplative face, the neck with semi-circular necklace and the hands...

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Rare Large Crouching Bactrian Camel

Rare Large Crouching Bactrian CamelEarly Tang Dynasty (618-907) | Original pigment!!! Long 55 cm., high 53 cm. 3 pieces Note: A Certificate of Authenticity from Becker Antiques (antique dealers since 1969, Amsterdam) will...

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Extremely Rare Painted Gary Pottery Bactrian Camel

Extremely Rare Painted Gary Pottery Bactrian CamelNorthern Wei Dynasty (386-534 A.D.) Long 26 cm, high 32 cm. – The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item. Test results will be provided...

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Large Gray Stone Seated Lion

Large Gray Stone Seated Lion17th-18th century, ChinaHeight 37 cm.Provenace: – S. Cserno – Antiek, Amsterdam – Private collection, The Netherlands Large Gray Stone Seated Lion. The muscular Lion powerfully...

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