Month: January 2019

Fat Lady Cradling Dog

S O L D Fat Lady Cradling Dog Fat Lady Cradling Dog. Museum quality court lady (Fat lady). It is very rare to find any of those Fat ladies seated on a stool, cradling a small dog with hands hidden in sleeves and such large size....

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Ming Dynasty Giltwood Guanyin

S O L D Ming Dynasty Giltwood Guanyin Ming Dynasty Giltwood Guanyin. Showing seated in dhayanasana with hands in dhyanamudra. The deity wearing a loose robe, the plumpish features set in a meditative expression below an...

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Sino Tibetan Gilt Bronze Dakini

S O L D Sino Tibetan Gilt Bronze Dakini Sino Tibetan Gilt Bronze Dakini. Possibly depicting Sarvabuddha-dakini (Na-ro kha-cho-ma), the female divinity in Dharmapala ornaments steps to her left on two small supine figures while...

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