Rare Large Crouching Bactrian Camel

Early Tang Dynasty (618-907) | Original pigment!!!
Long 55 cm., high 53 cm. 3 pieces
Note: A Certificate of Authenticity from Becker Antiques (antique dealers since 1969, Amsterdam) will accompany the item.

The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item.
– The result of the CT scan -X-ray test # KP 179-2/01 , is consistent with the dating of the item.

Provenance: Very important and old private German collection, Mr. W. R., Wiesbaden collected before 1995.

Rare Large Crouching Bactrian Camel. Powerfully modelled animal with its forelegs folded beneath it and hindlegs extended as if in the process of sitting or standing, with the furry neck turned to the left and mouth open as it braying, with a foreign rider seated between the two humps, the rider with exaggerated features wearing a long chestnut jacket and trousers, the saddle had been made in two separate pieces. Original colours.

It is very rare to find such a large pottery crouching camel and rider in this particularly attractive and complete condition. Compare a closely related figure of a camel and rider, of equally large size, included in the exhibition Chinesische Kunst, Preussiche Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, 1929, cat. no. 330.

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