Important Eastern Han Dynasty Granary

Important Eastern Han Dynasty Granary. A large pottery farm building with overhanging gable roof which has a central ridge with lateral rows of round tile covers which are capped at the eaves line with decorated tile ends. There are 4 symmetrically placed openings. The building is supported by four feet, of which the front two are in the form of bears. The building is of a good condition, with original white, black and red pigments.

Grey earthenware with red, white and black pigments, TL test

Height – 81 cm, width 50 cm.

Early to Mid Eastern Han Dynasty AD 25 – 220

Note: Granaries of this type and style are most rare and examples can only be found in Henan Museum, China.

Reference: Similar Granary was included in the exhibition, “Onder Dak in China”, Royal Museum of Art and History Brussels, September 28, 2007 – 20 April, 2008 catalogue, p. 152, nr. 77. See also Henan Museum, China