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Our Work

We are proud to announce that from this moment a set of Qingbai cup and stand of Chinese Song Dynasty purchased from the Becker Antiques  Gallery is now in The Norton Museum of Art collection.

The Norton Museum of Art, Florida, USA


Since its founding in 1941, The Norton Museum of Art has grown and evolved to become one of Florida’s major cultural institutions. The Museum is internationally known for its distinguished permanent collection featuring American ArtChinese Art,Contemporary ArtEuropean Art and Photography. Its masterpieces of 19th century and 20th century painting and sculpture include works by Brancusi, Gauguin, Matisse, Miró, Monet, Picasso, Davis, Hassam, Hopper, Manship, O’Keeffe, Pollock and Sheeler. The Museum presents special exhibitions, lectures, tours and programs for adults and children throughout the year…

Recent Acquisitions 


Transitional Weiqi Counter Box

Transitional Weiqi Counter Box

Transitional Weiqi Counter Box A rare blue and white weiqi counter box Transitional period, circa 1645-1655 Height: 14 cm. Diameter: 15 cm. *This absolutely brilliant early Qing dynasty weiqi counter box dates to a period called "Transition", during which the Ming...

Bronze Ox Herder with Ox

Bronze Ox Herder with Ox

Bronze Ox Herder with Ox, bronze dark brown patinated and chased afterwards, naturalistic depiction of a strong ox on whose back a small boy with a pannier is playing music on his flute, in addition solid hardwood base. A Superb Bronze Tokyo School Okimono of an Ox...

Large Bronze Ming Guanyin

Large Bronze Ming Guanyin

Large Bronze Ming Guanyin Large Bronze Ming Guanyin, with dark patina and few traces of gilding. China, Ming dynasty, Height 40 cm. Wooden stand.  Guanyin (traditional Chinese: 觀音; simplified Chinese: 观音; pinyin: Guānyīn) is a Bodhisattva associated with compassion....

Angkor Wat Torso of Vishnu

Angkor Wat Torso of Vishnu

Angkor Wat Torso of Vishnu Angkor Wat Torso of Vishnu, standing upright, wearing a pleated sampot, the border of the fabric forming a double anchor, with an ornamental belt around the hips, the body adorned with a wide necklace and a bracelet at the upper left arm....



Lele Mask Lele Mask, the Lele (or Leele), also known as Bashilele or Usilele, are a Bantu ethnic group closely related to the Kuba people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They traditionally live in the Kasai River region, but since the 1950s many have migrated...

Han Dynasty Pottery Rabbit

Han Dynasty Pottery Rabbit

Han Dynasty Pottery Rabbit S O L D Han Dynasty Pottery Rabbit. This exceptionally rare figure of a crouching rabbit shows the animal with head held low resting on its forepaws compactly modeled and smoothly contoured in a simplified naturalistic style. Extremely fine,...

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