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We are proud to announce that from this moment a set of Qingbai cup and stand of Chinese Song Dynasty purchased from the is now in collection.

Tang Dynasty Horse

Tang Dynasty Horse Early Tang Dynasty, 7th-8th century. High 43 cm., wide 44 cm Grey pottery. With the original colours. Very good condition, see photos A Painted Grey Pottery Figure of Striding Horse with Separate Saddle, Tang Dynasty, Tl Test,...

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Highly Important Wood Sculpture Fudo Myo-o (Acala)

S O L D Highly Important Wood Sculpture Fudo Myo-o (Acala) Edo period (1615-1868), early 18th century; high 60 cm. Highly Important Wood Sculpture Fudo Myo-o (Acala). The figure shown seated cross-legged modeled with the soft figure of a youth...

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Rare Large Bronze Seven Headed Kannon

Rare Large Bronze Seven Headed Kannon Kannon Bodhisattva (Bosatsu) - Goddess of Mercy 18 century, Edo period, Japan Height 70 cm. Rare Large Bronze Seven Headed Kannon. Standing full-length depiction of a female deity holding water jar in the...

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Carved Gilded Wood Standing Amida Buddha

Carved Gilded Wood Standing Amida Buddha Japan, Edo period (1615-1868), 18th century High 63 cm., long 26 cm. Carved Gilded Wood Standing Amida Buddha. In gold lacquered wood representing the Buddha standing on a lotus posed on a hexagonal base with several worked...

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Painted Red Pottery Equestrian Figure

Painted Red Pottery Equestrian Figure Terracotta with original paint. China High 34 cm., wide 33 cm. Tang Dynsty Provenance: Dutch private collection Geert A. W. Amsterdam. Director Ligne & Partners B.V. Architecten. Painted Red Pottery Equestrian Figure. The rider...

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Han Painted Pottery Warrior

Han Painted Pottery Warrior Terracotta with original paint coating. China High 49,5 cm. Early Western Han dynasty (3rd to 2nd cent. BC) The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item. Provenance: Dutch private collection Geert A....

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FINE JAPANESE FOLDING SCREEN Provenance: Private Collection from Edinburgh SIX-PANEL FOLDING SCREEN, BYOBU EDO PERIOD Signed, one seals Ink and color on paper 172cm high, 376cm wide FINE JAPANESE FOLDING SCREEN, ink and colour on gold paper ground, painted with a pair...

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DEHUA BLANC-DE-CHINE GUANYIN Height 32,5 cm. Qing Dynasty, China P R O V E N A N C E: Private collection, Amstedam DEHUA BLANC-DE-CHINE GUANYIN. The GuanYin standing on a square stylized rockwork base. The figure dressed in long layered robe, holding a lingzhi fungus...

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Superb Angkor Figure Indra

Superb Angkor Figure Indra A Superb Sandstone Figure of Indra Cambodia, Khmer Kingdom, Angkor period, Bayon style, 12th/13th century Superb Angkor Figure Indra,A triangular shaped stele with the depiction of Indra in the center of a flamed niche. Seated in royal ease...

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Impressive Bronze ONI Figure

Impressive Bronze ONI Figure A Large and Superb Japanese Bronze Figure of a Standing Oni Lifting a Large Burner Meiji period, 19th century, Japan High 77 cm Impressive Bronze ONI Figure. The Oni standing on curly waves amid five Tokugawa crests. Has four toes and four...

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Silver Wire Inlaid Bronze GuanYin

Silver Wire Inlaid Bronze GuanYin Height 34 cm Bronze, silver-wire inlaid Qing Dynasty An Exceptional Silver-Wire Inlaid Figure of Seating GuanYin Silver Wire Inlaid Bronze GuanYin, seating in rajalilasana with the left hand holding a object resting on the raised left...

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Ming Dynasty Bronze Vase

Ming Dynasty Bronze Vase Height 32 cm. Wood stand Ming Dynasty, China Ming Dynasty Bronze Vase, Chinese Ming Dynasty bronze vase; of somewhat flattened baluster form: with two animal head handles pending loose rings; with a band of taotie masks to shoulder and a wave...

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Grey Pottery Horse

Grey Pottery Horse Han Dynasty, China Height 31 cm; long 33 cm. A Painted Grey Pottery Figure of a Horse Grey Pottery Horse, standing squarely with the head forwards in alert position, the ears picked, cropped mane and ducked tail, covered in grey slip and red...

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Large Manjushri Thangka

Large Manjushri Thangka Tibet, late 18th - early 19th century 68,5x46 cm (Thangka), 102,5x79 cm (with frame), mounted under glass Large Manjushri Thangka. The deity seated in dhyanasana on a lotus base. The bodhisattva holding in his right hand a sword and in his left...

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FINE WAKIZASHI SWORD Early Shinto-era | ca. 1600 A.D. Signed BICHU NO KAMI TACHIBANA YASUHIRO Overall length 68.3 cm, nagasa 45.8 cm. FINE WAKIZASHI SWORD. The Early Shinto-era blade signed BICHU NO KAMI TACHIBANA YASUHIRO. Of shinogi zukuri form, with gunome...

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Japanese Ivory Okimono

Japanese Ivory Okimono   Meiji period High 33,5 cm A Large Japanese Ivory Okimono of Jurojin. Japanese Ivory Okimono. The god of wisdom is standing on a rocky base, with a rabbit at his feet, the immortal holding a basket of...

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Han Dynasty Granary Jar

Han Dynasty Granary Jar Eastern Han Dynasty – Light-pink earthenware with dark-green glaze High 24 cm, diameter (roof): 18 cm, outer diameter (mouth): 6 cm. Han Dynasty Granary Jar. This vessel seems to be a partial representation of actual granaries constructed...

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A large blue and white porcelain dish, the interior painted with flowers, rim fittings. Diameter 33 cm   China, late 18thCentury P R O V E N A N C E: Diana Cargo Diana Cargo Shipwreck Story ''The Diana'' was owned by Palmer and Co. a powerful Calcutta ship owner and...

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