Large Eastern Pende Mask


Large Eastern Pende Mask


Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wood, pigments
Width 61 cm., high 31 cm.

P R O V E N A N C E:

Jean Delmas, Aix en Provence, South France

Large Eastern Pende Mask, rare, large and stylized with massive bulbous eyes, the carved brows above painted black and white, this mask has lozenge – shaped face with zigzag lower border painted also in black and white, small rectangular mouth which bears teeth, the face with  triangular nose, attenuated ears and the jaw-line pattern deeply carved and highly expressive.

This panya yombe mask of the Eastern Pende signifies a wild buffalo, and share both a masquerade and an architectural function. Versions of this mask known as kenene decorate the lintel on a paramount chief’s dwelling.