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Spirit Helmet Mask

  S O L D Spirit Helmet Mask Spirit Helmet Mask, represents the “spirit of a young girl”. The triple-crested coiffure is a naturalistic representation of hairstyle actually worn by young girl. (Ikorodo) face mask/helmet...

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Fine Baule Maternity Figure

S O L D Fine Baule Maternity Figure From the Kulango area High 35 cm., total 41 cm. Wooden base. Fine Baule Maternity Figure, standing with the child against her abdomen,  the right hand holds its legs and the left supporting...

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Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria

Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria Height 27 cm. P R O V E N A N C E: Private collection, Paris Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria, of deeply hollowed form. And pierced around the edge for attachment. The coiffure consisting of black pigment. The face...

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Good Lega Mask

Good Lega Mask Democratic Republic of Congo High 27 cm. P R O V E N A N C E. Important private French collection, P. C. Lyon Wood, fibre fringe Good Lega Mask, the whitened heart-shaped face with small engraved eyes and mouth. A...

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BAMANA ANTELOPE HEADDRESS Chi’wara High 53 cm. BAMANA ANTELOPE HEADDRESS. The antelope on angled legs, a pierced panel of chevrons on its back, curved horns above, surmounted by a seated female figure with outstretched...

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Luba Mask

  [wpsgallery] Luba Mask Luba people, Shaba, Zaire High 42 cm., wood, pigments Luba Mask, the rectangular whitened face with incised horizontal grooves, tapered rectangular projecting mouth below the nose which joins the...

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Mama Mask

Mama Mask Mama Mask, Of stylised form, with open mouth the carved horns almost form oval, very nice aged reddish patina. Mama tribe, high 50 cm. WOOD, IRON STAND, NIGERIA – The Mamapeople are also known as Kantana. They...

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Anthropomorphic Stool

   Anthropomorphic Stool Anthropomorphic Stool, The stool is made out of one piece of wood and is a superb example of the Tchokwe production of prestige objects, with aged patina,high 24 cm. Tchokwe tribe, Angola or Zaire...

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