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Kuyu Wood Headdress

  [wpsgallery] S O L D Kuyu Wood Headdress   Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brazzavile) For the Kebe-kebe masquerade Wood, pigments, high 45 cm. P R O V E N A N C E: Mr. Arthur Savege, ex teacher, Oxford University,...

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Large Pende Mask

  [wpsgallery]   S O L D Large Pende Mask Democratic Republic of the Congo Eastern Pende mask PHUMBU a MFUNU Wood, pigments High 81 cm.   P R O V E N A N C E: Mr. Arthur Savage, ex teacher, Oxford University,...

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BRONZE FIGURE XIWANGMU P R O V E N A N C E: an old Dutch private collection China, Ming Dynasty, 17th Century High 32 cm. BRONZE FIGURE XIWANGMU, seated in the so-called European fashion, with both hands in front of her abdomen...

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Chinese Bronze Qi Lin

 S O L D     [wpsgallery] Chinese Bronze Qi Lin Heavily cast bronze, China Qing Dynaty, 19th century High 34 cm., wide 28 cm. Chinese Bronze Qi Lin, the scaly mythical beast seated with hinged head turned to the back,...

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Gilt Japanese Buddha

  [wpsgallery] S O L D     Gilt Japanese Buddha Meiji period – 19th century, Japan High 60 cm. Gilt Japanese Buddha, a Japanese gilt wood figure of Aida Nyorai, with hands in raigon, carved standing on a double...

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Eket Circular Mask

S O L D Eket Circular Mask Wood, high 29 cm., diameter 25 cm. Eket Circular Mask, this circular Eket mask is with pierced crescent eyes, with nice triangles about the border, painted red, blue, yellow, white and black. The Eket...

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Fine Chinese Boxwood Guanyin (1)
Rare Pottery Striding Horse (7)
Chinese Jade Dragon Seal (4)
Gilt Carved Figure of Amida Nyorai (Amitabha)
Superb Japanese Guardian Deity Zochoten (3)
Large Gilt Bronze Figure of Xiwangmu (1)
Igbo-Afikpo Mask mma ji (1)
Tibeto Chinese Gilt Bronze Vajraoani (4)
Gilt Bronze Padmapani Nepal (1)

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