Sun Entertainment Baule Mask





 S O L D

Sun Entertainment Baule Mask


P R O V E N A N C E: Old Private Collection, Monttelimar, France
Wood, natural black pigment
Long 20 cm., high 26 cm.

Sun Entertainment Baule Mask, a finely carved Sun entertainment Baule mask. Certain villages sometimes have masks (nowadays painted in bright colours) relating to the spirits of nature, the sun or the moon, which appear at the opening of a festival (adjusu, adiemele, bedwo, ngblo, gbagba) – while among the neighbouring Yaure the Sun mask is thoroughly sacred. The Baule, humanising all visible forms, have depicted a face in the circle, echoed by the semi-circles of the coiffure, eyebrows and eyes, modelled in a smooth, poised style. The pierced serrated decoration of these masks is very fragile, but in this mask it has not come way from the border, the top and the bottom, therefore this Baule Sun Mask is a high quality.

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