Female Polo Player Astride Galloping Horse

Tang Dynasty (618-907), Shaanxi province, China
With the original colours
High 30 cm. Long 39 cm. Plastic stand
Most Rare Painted Red Pottery Female Polo Player Astride a Galloping Horse
The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item.

Female Polo Player Astride Galloping Horse. The spirited horse covered in a red slip and modelled in full gallop with all four legs extended and in the air. The rider seated firmly in her saddle with feet stretched forward in the stirrups, her body twisted to the right at the waist and dressed in a long blue tight-fitting tunic above black boots. The arms positioned to strike, the softly modelled face detailed in red and black pigment on a white slip beneath the black hair drawn up in a knot.

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