Good Waisted Corner Leg Side Table BanzhuoS O L D

Good Waisted Corner Leg Side Table Banzhuo

18th Century, Shanxi province, China
High 82 cm.
Wide 170 cm.
Deep 34 cm.
Elm wood

Good Waisted Corner Leg Side Table Banzhuo. The single-panel top enclosed within a broad frame with “ice-plate” edge, set on a narrow waist above the breaded apron flush with square legs terminating in hoofed feet.


Compare a similar side table with puddingstone top, dated to the 16th or 17th century, illustrated by G. W. Bruce, Dreams of Chu tan Chamber and the Romance with Huanghuali Wood: The Dr. S.Y. Yip Collection of Classic Chinese Furniture, Hong Kong, 1991, pp. 54-5, no. 16, where it is noted that this elegant form “relies entirely on the delicacy of its proportions for its beauty.”