Rare Tang Dynasty Horse

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Rare Tang Dynasty Horse

Early Tang Dynasty, 7th – 8th Century
High 42 cm., Wide 45 cm.

Rare Tang Dynasty Horse, a rare painted grey pottery figure of striding horse with separate saddle, the figure shown striding, the head well modelled with flared nostrils and expressive eyes below the picked ears, the horse with head turned to the right and combed mane tossed to the left side of the powerful neck, the separate saddle cloth texture in imitation of fur, the figure covered with a red pigment and with traces of white and orange pigment.

The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item.

Reference: A similar painted grey pottery horse with removable saddle is illustrated in the catalogue of the exhibition, Art D`Extreme Orient, Jacques Barrere, Paris, 20 September – 30 October 1991, pp. 50 and 51.

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