Tibeto Chinese Bronze Figure Begtse

Tibeto Chinese Bronze Figure Begtse. Begtse is portrayed standing in alidhasana with a horse and vanquished human underfoot, the left hand holding a human heart towards the growling mouth, the right holding a flaming sword with its handle carved in the shape of a horse’s head, clad in armor with a string of human heads worn as a tiara, the fearsome countenance with three protruding eyes, beneath flaming hair. The lotus base unsealed.
Cast bronze with finely incised and chiseled detail work. Fine patina

Tibet / China, 18th – 19th century

One of the eight wrathful protectors of Buddhist doctrine, Begtse is an important guardian of the Geluk order.

Shape: Sculptural
Weight: 105,5 grams
Dimensions: 7,5 cm height
Condition: Good condition with wear, traces of use and some minor dents, unsealed
Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection acquired pre-1990

Auction result comparison: ASIAN ART. Sotheby’s, 19 MARCH 2016, NEW YORK, lot 1351. (for a gilt bronze with the same subject, but larger)


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