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We are proud to announce that from this moment a set of Qingbai cup and stand of Chinese Song Dynasty purchased from the Becker Antiques  Gallery is now in The Norton Museum of Art collection. See more ….


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We are established at a few minutes from “Rijksmuseum” (National Museum of Art), the Van Gogh Museum and the famous “Concertgebouw”. We have been dealing in antiques since 1969 (and loving it). The trade of course changed in those years, first lots of early English oak and 15th -17th C. bronze candlesticks and chandeliers, since 1990 Becker Antiques V.O.F. specialises in early Chinese works of art and furniture.

Our main field covers ceramics – pottery funerary figures (dated from the Han through the Ming dynasties), Buddhist sculptures and other Chinese works of art. Our other sections are Asian works of art – concerns objects from Japan and South East Asian countries including bronze, stone and wooden sculptures, Chinese furniture from the Qing Dynasty and of course occasional other items.

We sell to private collectors and dealers all over the world.


Asian Art

Chinese & Japanese Antiques | Chinese Pottery Funerary Figures from the Han through the Ming Dynasties | Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Works of Art.


African Art

African and Tribal Art from West Africa| | Ethnographical and Primitive Art | Becker Antiques offers a selection of Fine Quality Art Objects ( Masks and Figures) for sale.



Haute Epoque, Early Bronze Candlesticks 15th – 18th Century | Dutch and German chandeliers and mortars Chandeliers | Antique Bronze and Wooden Sculptures.



Classical Chinese Furniture from the Qing Dynasty | Rare Hardwood’s Antique Cupboards, Chairs, Stools, Altar Tables | and of Course Occasional Other Items.


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Tibeto Chinese Bronze Figure Begtse

Tibeto Chinese Bronze Figure Begtse Tibeto Chinese Bronze Figure Begtse. Begtse is portrayed standing in alidhasana with a horse and vanquished human underfoot, the left hand holding a human heart towards the growling mouth, the right holding a...

Extremly Rare Lobala Ngiri Mabo Shield

Extremly Rare Lobala Ngiri Mabo Shield Extremly Rare Lobala Ngiri Mabo Shield. According to Benitez-Jahannot (ibid.), "Writing for the Musée Royale de l'Afrique Centrale in Tervuren, Herman Burssens notes that societies in the Ubangi region...

An Important and Very Rare Group Shitenno

An Important and Very Rare Group Shitenno An Important and Very Rare Group Shitenno. Including Tamon Ten (Vaishravana) holding the spear and stupa, Jikoku Ten (Dhrtarashtra) with his left hand resting on his hip and brandishing the sword with...

Green Hetian Jade Dragon Seal

Green Hetian Jade Dragon SealGreen Hetian Jade Dragon Seal. Square shape, the dragon-shaped button, all four sides with gold calligraphy and characters of xiaozhuan and in Manchu, the stamp on one side with four-character mark in the Emperor...

Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus

S O L D Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus Gilt Bronze Figure of Amitayus. The Buddhist figure wearing a five-peaked crown enclosing a high chignon above the contemplative face, the neck with semi-circular necklace and the hands resting gently above...

Rare Large Crouching Bactrian Camel

Rare Large Crouching Bactrian CamelEarly Tang Dynasty (618-907) | Original pigment!!! Long 55 cm., high 53 cm. 3 pieces Note: A Certificate of Authenticity from Becker Antiques (antique dealers since 1969, Amsterdam) will accompany the item. –...

Extremely Rare Painted Gary Pottery Bactrian Camel

Extremely Rare Painted Gary Pottery Bactrian CamelNorthern Wei Dynasty (386-534 A.D.) Long 26 cm, high 32 cm. – The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item. Test results will be provided to the winning...

Large Gray Stone Seated Lion

Large Gray Stone Seated Lion17th-18th century, ChinaHeight 37 cm.Provenace: - S. Cserno - Antiek, Amsterdam - Private collection, The Netherlands Large Gray Stone Seated Lion. The muscular Lion powerfully modelled seated on its haunches on a...

Large Black Lacquered Bronze Figure Guandi

  Large Black Lacquered Bronze Figure Guandi Large Black Lacquered Bronze Figure Guandi. Seated firmly in European fashion on a throne with his booted feet apart, both hands posted on his upper legs, wearing various garments including armour,...

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