Extremely Rare Mama Headdress


Extremely Rare Mama Headdress. The mask is a carved headdress in the form of highly stylized animal head. Present lot has a human head instead of a animal mouth, which is extremely rare. Only few mask like this one are known. The mask is worn with a thick fibre costume and symbolize a bush spirit. Worn by energetic dancer, the mask is thought to bring prosperity to the tribe. With original old weathered patina.

High 40 cm. With the stand height 59 cm.
With the original old weathered patina! Please refer to the photos.

Mixed wood-iron stand. Early 20th century.

Provenance: Old important private Dutch collection, Mr. J.A.W. Vierkens, Amsterdam. From a very big villa on the famous Vondelpark in the heart of Amsterdam.

Condition: old crack to the right horn. Further more for its age very good condition.

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iExtremely Rare Mama Headdress



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