Important Large Chinese Buddha


Important Large Chinese Buddha

Ming dynasty (1368-1644) / early Qing dynasty (1644-1911), South China
High 154 cm.
A Fine and Rare Gilt and Red Lacquered Wooden Shrine with Figure of Buddha, South China, Ca. 17th Century.

Important Large Chinese Buddha, seated in vajrasana on a separate sculpted lotus flower base, rising from the tiered hexagonal throne decorated with dragons, mask and foliate scrolls, the hands resting on his laps in dhyanamudra, wearing undergarment secured with a ribbon knotted to the front, wide sleeved mantle draped over both shoulders and falling in large pleats over his legs, the face displaying a serene expression with downcast eyes below arched eyebrows that run into the nose-bridge, smiling lips, slightly puffy cheeks.

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