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Baule Pair Asie Usu

Baule Pair Asie Usu Wood; H.: 38 cm; 36,5 cm. A Fine Baule Pair of Asie Usu Baule Pair Asie Usu, when a pair of figures are carved together, they cannot possibly represent spirit-spouses (which are always single pieces). They...

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Fine Dogon Sim Mask

S O L D Fine Dogon Sim  Mask Mali, Late 19th century Dimensions: 90 x 18.5 x 13 cm Provenance: Segy Gallery, New York – COA dated January 25, 1974 From the Rona Family Collections, Princeton, NJ Wood, very old encrusted...

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Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria

Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria Height 27 cm. P R O V E N A N C E: Private collection, Paris Ibo Mwo Mask Nigeria, of deeply hollowed form. And pierced around the edge for attachment. The coiffure consisting of black pigment. The face...

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