Extremely Rare Chokwe Mask




Extremely Rare Chokwe Mask

P R O V E N A N C E: From the Rona Family Collections, Princeton, NJ; Ex. Collection Rob R. Robertson, SC (no. 95.271)

Date: 20th century

Geography: Democratic Republic of Congo

Culture: Chokwe of Luluwa peoples

Medium: Wood, brass tack adornments

Dimensions: High 27 cm.

Extremely Rare Chokwe Mask. Although this is often seen as a mask Luluwa, yet it exhibits characteristics that are closer to the Chokwe culture. Moreover, the chubby cheeks and teeth in the half-open jaws are similar to those of the mask at the Katoyo Chokwe, a monstrous representation of the European. But apparently there have been numerous Chokwe migrations at Luluwa, which could explain such influencing.

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