Han Grey Earthenware Sow


Han Grey Earthenware Sow. Well modeled standing on her short legs that lift a full belly and her head staring forward with two circular perforations to the snout, the grey body fabric visible beneath the thick layer of white pigment and brown burial deposits

A Grey Earthenware Model of a Standing Sow

Fired in antiquity!!!

China, Perfect condition

Western Han Dynasty ( 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.)

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Provenance: very important and old private Dutch collection, Mr. W. R., The Netherlands

Long 42 c., high 22 cm.

For a similarly posed sow of painted pottery (length 42.5 cm), see the Exhibition of Art Treasures from Shanghai and Hong Kong (Hong Kong University, 1996), cat. no. 15, left.

Compare as well two similar sows exhibited in the Han Yangling Museum in Xí an and illustrated in the museum catalogue page 26-27, fig. 38. See photo

The creation of pottery funerary sculpture is thought to have originated during the Shang (c. 1500 – 1028 BC) and Zhou periods (1028 – 256 BC), a practice that was adopted as a substitute for human sacrifices.[1] This custom was developed during the Han dynasty, which is well known for the variety of tomb ceramics that were produced.[2] This amusing and finely potted figure of a sow is rare in Han period pottery. A group of stone pigs of various sizes and dated to the Western Han dynasty was unearthed from Changsha, Hunan province in 1956.

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– The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item, Tang dynasty, 1930 years old. Sampling of 3 different points.

– Extra test: Pre-dose test has been done: Pre-dose test confirms old firing without any kind of artificial x-ray treatments!

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